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Grandma's Hands

Angela Lopez - Saturday, October 24, 2015

Before my vegetable garden slips away for the season I just have to share this illustration. It’s one my cousin “liked” on social media and I am just taken with it.  I wanted to share it for quite some time but could only wish I knew who to give the credit to for capturing so much of my childhood in just one frame. After some good, old fashioned Google searching, I am happy to be able to acknowledge that it is a watercolor by artist Jill Pritchett. Her website is at


This could have easily been either of my grandmothers, with their cotton dresses and aprons. The fabric looks so familiar, soft, and slightly worn and faded, reflecting the daily hard work they performed. And the hands, oh the hands – I can almost feel their touch; they are so descriptive. One can tell these hands have snapped many a bean and shelled many a pea, and looked after many a grandchild. The artist calls it “Memories of Granny’s Hands”. Thank you, Jill.

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