While growing up in West Texas, I was influenced by my grandpa - a sweet, gentle, hardworking pumpkin farmer. Actually, my entire family has been such an inspiration. As I moved on and went to school in Abilene, Texas, I married and started a family. I had my little backyard vegetable gardens, and spent time developing recipes. We moved on to live and work in Mississippi, Florida, and Colorado. I longed to be a farmer in West Texas like my grandpa. I left a world of working for government contracts to move back to Texas. When I told friends and co-workers I was moving back home to become a pumpkin farmer, you should have seen the looks I got! Sometimes I would add that I might even start my own vineyard; they found that a little more intriguing than pumpkins! I haven't become a farmer (yet) but all this led me to being a food writer, and to create and collect recipes.


I write two weekly food columns, Food Made Fresh, and Food Bytes. I also do various magazine pieces and blog for several fabulous sites. Oh, and did I tell you my first cookbook is in the works? My intense love for Tex-Mex, Mexican, and Native American Indian food will be the featured cuisine in this book.


I’ve also dreamt of opening a brick and mortar storefront that would support locally grown produce. I’ve had grand visions of a owning a fresh market filled with the best produce and the aroma of freshly baked bread. I daydream about groups of bustling folks on their way home from work walking through the door equipped with a little bell that dings, to gather ingredients they will need to assemble their dinners. They would select fresh produce, herbs, meats, breads, cheeses; maybe a bottle of wine, or a fine spice. Or, perhaps they’d purchase an entrée I prepared and boxed up for them, ready and waiting.


I want to serve you the very best. I’ve waited my whole life for you. I’ve waited my whole life to do this. My website helps me virtually fulfill my dream without a physical location, just as if we were standing at the counter in the market. Share, ask, and comment – let’s go down this path together to a life made fresh!




About the Name ~

The combination of mine and my mom’s names helps me describe my path. Angelina LaRue represents a collection of characters in my life – the creative, caring, and loving aunts, cousins, daughters, grandmothers, moms, sisters, friends and neighbors who inspire me every day. And of course there’s more than a dash of influence from all the dashing men in my life, as well!

 My love and inspiration:  Family, Friends, and Taste Testers.